Installing a UPS back up generator, air conditioning and fire suppression provisions may protect your infrastructure, but it does not guarantee uptime continuity.  All mechanical and electrical components have a lifespan, but during that lifespan, regular service inspections are required to identify and prevent any component failure. These failures are relevant to full uptime facilities from data centres to financial institutions, heavy industrial systems to residential property.

Integral to the services we provide in designing and building IT environments is the need for both regular maintenance and emergency support. The loss of power and/or cooling in a data centre or similar facility may have serious consequences for both the integrity of hardware as well as business operations.

We offer fully resourced engineering support for chilled water systems including air-cooled, water-cooled systems, direct expansion cooling plant, pumped refrigeration systems, modular chillers and any plant using mechanical cooling and ventilation. Through our extensive supply chain we are able to source most refrigeration compressors, gases and components to keep crucial systems operational.

Our engineering and range of specialist partners can provide long term technical support for switching systems, distribution, UPS equipment, emergency power generation, controls maintenance and repair, software upgrades, load bank testing, fuel resourcing and rebuilds.

Our service and support group consists of our own team of fully qualified and highly experienced engineers and technicians together with skilled business partners spreading across the UK and Europe, specialising in all aspects of mechanical and electrical repair, maintenance and service support.

Service and support is provided through our service support desk which uses one of our latest management systems. Clients can call the support desk 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The advantage of using skilled business partners and our own engineers covering the whole of the UK and Europe ensures our ability to response swiftly and efficiently to meet system needs when called upon.