Working in conjunction with our partners, DFL offer a full range of HVAC related motor control as well as Energy Management Systems. We will deliver concept and operating philosophies, control schematics, assemble and schedule points schedules. We will also install all wiring, field equipment and carry out commissioning, testing and graphics which could include modification to existing systems to be upgraded or remediated.


In collaboration with our suppliers and partners we offer a fully integrated range of security equipment, including access control, intruder detection, wireless systems and remote monitoring. DFL will survey and specify systems suitable for the protection of the IT white space and surrounding plant areas and external plant. Our designs are all fully integrated and form part of greater projects to construct and commission these spaces.


DCiM and the ability to extract meaningful data to analyse and understand the performance of a data centre is integral to our complete package of IT Space services. We are able to offer a wide base of advice, tool selection, software options and develop systems built specifically for our customers both as drop-in, upgrade and remediation of total new build.


As part of our construction product for the creation of white space and the installation of all infrastructure we provide a full design, supply and installation service for all data network architecture including  Wi-Fi solutions, cabling and fibre optics.