Computer Room Cooling

 The company provides conventional computer room and data centre cooling systems. With access to all major manufacturer’s DFL will design, supply, install and commission air and water-cooled chillers, close control equipment, direct expansion units and free cooling systems to meet different specifications. We offer the full range of resource, from selection, procurement, delivery, location, connection, testing and commissioning.

Hot Aisle Containment

For high density cooling requirements we offer both conventional hot aisle solutions as well as purpose created arrangements to match different cabinet and heat output applications. We will provide an engineered solution within a white space allowing the installation and connection of high performance computing with non-linear loads and close control. Our designs are able to cater for both simple air transfer as well as complex pressure and temperature sensitive systems. For unique installations we will build all framing components to suit the space.

These components include high level panels, acrylic barriers, ceiling modification, return air plenums, ducted connections, variable air volumes and cooling water modulation. These solutions will also allow networking and plant rotation as well as monitoring and extensive real-time performance data.


We offer a comprehensive range of free-cooling options and use the latest technology for either chiller plant or water-cooled direct expansion systems to achieve this. Our designs may incorporate adiabatic air movement, displacement systems and designs tailored to the specifics of any type of IT space and requirement.

Cold Aisle Containment & In-Line Cooling

Where applications require the installation of horizontal air flow and inlet management, including the containment of conventional underfloor pressurised air delivery, we provide full design and installation to accomplish this. Working in conjunction with specialised ‘pod’ fabricators as well as readily available solutions, DFL is able to offer a complete build package. We can undertake this work both as stand-alone or part of a full IT space construction.


We are compliant with all F-Gas Regulations and undertake continuous training and development of our personnel skills in handling all of the latest  and future generation refrigerant gases. Our engineering team is equipped with all specialist equipment required to work both safely and in alignment with the legal constraints placed upon the handling of refrigeration gases.


We offer the full range of ventilation design and installation including gas extract systems, fire dampers and control, fresh air systems, positive pressurisation, smoke extract systems, fresh-air, heat recovery ventilation and toilet extract.

UPS Room Cooling

Dedicated and specific cooling systems with high sensible heat ratio capability are offered as part of our design and installation standards for UPS plant rooms where the maintenance of correct environmental conditions are as critical as the space that they serve. DFL offer a complete range of high specification plant as well as simple adaptions of split air-cooled systems to achieve stable conditions.

Support Spaces

Our designs often require the cooling, heating and ventilation of IT space support areas, control rooms, offices, toilets and network operations centres. We are able to deploy any type of direct expansion or chilled water system that may be appropriate including new systems and modifications to existing plant. All of this work is carried out to exacting standards.