System Architecture

 As with all of our designs, power management and the stability of power is crucial. As part of each design involving either new or modification to existing power systems we undertake a full review of the base requirement, IT rack capacities, plant loads and anticipated conditions. Our team will then develop a fully specified design incorporating load tables, low load condition assessment, load flow studies, ring main unit requirements, transformers, selection of power plant and UPS systems, cable calculations, protection studies, low voltage distribution, segregation, redundancy, lighting, emergency lighting and ventilation power.

LV Switchgear

DFL will design, install and commission the full range of LV switchgear and project specific switchboards. This includes for all components associated with mains intakes, UPS input/output boards, redundant path arrangements, cooling plant panels, lighting switchboards, motor control centres and plant distribution boards.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Computer room and power stability to most IT spaces is crucial. Our engineers will produce a full design and supply service including specifications for single and three phase systems, parallel redundant systems, capacity systems, external bypass and protection arrangements, controls, diagnostics, measurement, signals and alarming, power interfaces, remote monitoring and performance data extraction to DCIM.

Generator Plant

Where applications require the installation of emergency or standby rated generator power we will undertake the full supply scope to deliver equipment specifications, configuration arrangements, performance requirements, rating calculations, control & containerisation.

DC Rectification

Designed for dedicated telecom installations requiring high current loads and multiple inputs we can provide DC rectification systems to match any number of power arrangements. With redundancy built into modular systems we offer hot swappable rectifier solutions allowing growth as load increases over time.

Busbar Systems

We specialise in the delivery of power within computer rooms with emphasis on the simplicity and neatness associated with overhead busbar, power track and tap-offs. We offer overall design and equipment selection as well as cast-resin systems, copper and aluminium tracks. The suspension of these systems is integral to our designs and allows for structural loading and integration with other services.

Power Management

All of our projects are offered with full design and installation of power management systems including power monitoring, head end graphics, system integrity protections, remote access, data logging, storage and export, software interfaces to plant, editing facilities, system alarms, training and the application of PLC controllers.

Lighting & Small Power

Apart from the use of high level lighting trunking systems and the installation of high quality lighting for IT spaces, we will supply and install all cable contained power for CRAC units, support systems such as fire and security, general power, supplies to battery tripping units, metering and instrumentation, plant equipment and energy management system power.