Data Centre Technical Review and Reporting

We offer our clients a detailed technical review of their existing data centre, computer room and telecommunications facilities. This work takes the form of a visit to site followed up by a detailed report on findings. Our work is broken into the principal elemental parts of a data centre facility which include architectural functionality, construction and envelope fabric, external relationships, plant arrangements, mechanical services, electrical systems, fire control, monitoring and DCIM integration, housekeeping, maintenance and the support that is provided for computing systems.

We provide a full assessment of the site including the data centre ‘as is’, areas of risk and concern, key recommendations and remediation schedules and summaries of findings. Our approach also includes a detailed ‘walk-through’ of the site and provides observations and commentary to the end user.

A typical engineering review of a medium-sized data centre in the region of 500m2 will take about three days on site and reported in about 100-150 pages of detail. We focus on fundamental power and cooling relationships including psychometric plotting against current ASHRAE standards, UPS output loads and inherent system losses. All work is supported by thermal logging, graphing, mapping and images showing rack temperatures. Air flow and cooling delivery is both measured, calculated and reverse engineered to correlate the loads on the electrical system. Detailed analysis is provided by technical narrative supported by photographs in extensive tables covering all technical aspects of the data centre.

Should the client wish to take our work further we are also able to provide detailed computational fluid dynamic studies of both new and existing facilities. This work provides complex modelling of the site in 3D in order to show the cooling dynamics in graphic form.