Edwards United Technologies EST 3 Integrated Emergency Alarm System

Direction Fire Limited with their proven record of delivering high quality, complex fire alarm systems are part of a select few specialist companies selected to become Approved designers and installers of the EST3 Emergency Communications Platform.

Having successfully proven our capabilities on a number of major installations utilising the EST3 product, Direction Fire along with EST3 were selected to provide, and successfully delivered the Emergency Communications Platform for a 45 storey major office development within the City of London.

This EST3 system, imported from the USA, is typically suited for the larger office developments or site that requires an integrated emergency alarm system to meet the most complex and demanding cause and effect requirements for phased evacuation, plant, damper and smoke extract control and status monitoring. The system also provides a manual interface for Fireman’s override. The EST3 system is totally modular and is specifically engineered on a project by project basis to match the exacting requirements of that project.

Fire detection loops and amplifiers are all incorporated as a single system within a common panel. Typically panels are distributed remotely within the dedicated fire-fighting riser(s) throughout the building networked back to a main display and control panel arrangement within a Fire Command Centre (FCC)

This main panel arrangement will typically display the required indications and provide the necessary controls utilising a standard modular range of indication lamp, switch and lamp and switch combinations including:-

  • VA zone status c/w manual control
  • Fire alarm zones
  • VA zone status c/w manual control
  • Damper status indication c/w control
  • Basements smoke extract damper status c/w control
  • Stair/lobby pressurisation systems c/w control
  • Sprinkler valve status indication
  • Sprinkler pump room status
  • Generator status
  • ATS status
  • Fireman’s lift status

The system can be provided with a number of graphical user interface options including full touchscreen colour graphics.


45 Level office block in the City of London. The system comprised of 26 Panel distributed Network of EST 3 control panels providing 110 Detection loops and 188 VA circuits.

Each control panel incorporated a integral amplifiers to provide control of the phased evacuation, via voice alarm.

The system provides comprehensive control,  monitoring and status indication of the following systems:-

  • Basement smoke extract
  • On floor smoke extract
  • Sprinkler status
  • Sprinkler pump room status
  • Firemans lift status
  • ATS Status

The complete system was built at our offices prior to delivery to site and the full cause and effect witness tested to the client and his professional team.