Modelling Sets

DFL offers modelling sets to suit the variables of client new build stress testing, technical validation and performance studies. We offer a full suite of CFD simulation and analysis of cooling performance, integrated system testing using either CFD or stand-alone models and scale modelling for presentation and project clarity. For new builds as well as existing installations, where the issues of air flow management and cooling delivery to racks is critical, a full suite of CFD modelling can be built from a blank page to produce a thorough understanding of the cooling envelope before it is constructed. Modelling for either retrospective or new build integrated system testing is fundamental to the work we do for clients who wish to stress test their IT environments and ensure functional validation in a variety of load conditions and failure scenarios. As part of the presentation process for complicated projects and where different audiences are shown new concepts, we offer detailed scale model construction. We will take on this work as part of a construction project or as stand-alone instruction to assist a client in gaining a full understanding of how the proposed solution is assembled.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

For specific projects, and where there is a need to predict and simulate the conditions within a new or proposed space, we will undertake a full CFD build. This work will include the gathering of all base construction data, fully specifying and collating rack layouts, positioning of hardware, hardware bills of materials, heat output data, equipment air transfer rates, hardware modelling and creation. Models may include underfloor and above rack services, hot and cold aisle arrangements, cooling unit locations, air flow variation and underfloor pressurisation values. Simulations may include any permutation of cooling load to create different conditions and provide the client with an in depth cross-section of what the built end-product will look like and how it will perform.

Integrated System Testing

Technical Engagement – Preparation –  Equipment – Simulation – Measurement – Dynamic System Testing – Pull the Plug Testing – Reporting

We will provide a full specification and pre-requisite document for the testing work. Where necessary we will work with the clients contractors and installation team with emphasis on setting safety expectations and responsibilities of the project team. Our engineering team will resource the work including commissioning review, system status and verification on completion. All of the testing will be managed on site for the duration of the work and in keeping with the test objectives to ensure that testing is thorough and robust. Load banking will be effective and match the thermal load and produce a platform to test against. All completed testing will be documented and reported in detail as part of our work.

Scale Modelling

Concept visualisation for high performance cooling solutions presents challenges in understanding the assembly of components within limited spaces. Scale modelling of data centres and containment pods has been found to assist in knowledge sharing and ‘hands on’ presentation to diverse audiences. DFL undertake this work as part of overall project integration, design development where 3D is taken off the screen page and built. Scale modelling also assists in the accuracy of detailing services and puts ideas into reality long before they become costly or unworkable. Modelling includes scale fabric arrangement, raised access flooring, sub-systems, cooling systems, pipework routing, power layouts, network cabling and containment co-ordinations, lighting, overhead grids and service zones. Scale modelling has proven invaluable in presenting complicated designs and bringing projects to life.