About DFL

The company is a combination of different skills built around the delivery of specialised engineering projects and infrastructure support to the IT industry. This has widened in recent years to main-stream construction and a series of high-profile shell and core fit-outs in the City of London.

Over many years DFL has built relationships with customers with whom we have grown and changed to meet different needs, expansion, contraction and regeneration. Working in conjunction with an established supply chain, our internal resources and long term sub-contractors, the company has maintained a steady and consistent business model, merging the core components of an IT environment together or splitting them off to offer individual parts in various forms.

We have built our business on the principle of no project being too small. Many of our smaller projects have grown into larger, long term engagements. The ability to formulate and develop a project within a short space of time, react to customer needs without delay and offer solutions without formality, speaks to larger companies needing flexibility and response.

Multi-Discipline Specialist Engineering

DFL provides expertise in specialist areas built from experience in fitting-out computing environments, computer rooms, data centres and fire systems within city buildings. This includes technical appraisal, design, engineering and implementation.

Engineering staff can develop designs from scratch and work with clients to realise full project delivery with matching management and advice during the process.

We assemble design packages, including simulation and modelling for system performance and analysis, equipment selection, bills of materials, pricing alternatives, plant selection and validation. Specification includes front end engineering, detailed design and a full set of supporting skills in the areas of fire engineering, critical environments, power and cooling systems and construction to match the most exacting requirements required in a variety of applications.