Voice Alarm (VA) Systems

Baldwin Boxall

Direction Fire Limited are Approved designers and installers with proven experience engineering Baldwin Boxall public address Voice Alarm (VA) systems typically for the larger office developments within the City of London.

Our extensive knowledge and engineering capability with the product has earned Direction Fire Limited the coveted Gold status supplier award from Baldwin Boxall.

Typical projects comprise of a centralised VA amplifier arrangement housed within a rack within the Fire Command Centre (FCC). The amplifiers feed pre-determined zones (areas) and are controlled via monitored input signals from the separate fire alarm system to provide evacuation sequence as determined by the cause and effect developed from the relevant Fire Strategy Document.

A fireman’s mic is available which allows the Fire Brigade to make specific live announcements on a selectable zonal, multi zonal or all call basis. A separate paging mic is available to allow general paging announcements to be made within the building again on a selectable zonal, multi zonal or all call basis.

The system can be configured to provide Alert, Evacuation, Bomb Alert, start test, finish test and any other predetermined messages. The range offers a choice of touch screen user display and control packages.

The VA systems provided meet the requirements of BS5839-8 2013 and EN54 16:2008


Residential development in Battersea, comprised Voice Alarm System amplifiers installed within the fire command centre.

The amplifiers were built within a bespoke rack arrangement with an Advanced Electronics fire alarm system.

The system comprised of zoned speaker circuits providing audible alarm coverage and paging facilities to a large underground car park, plant areas, service road, service corridors and residents lounge area.