Modular Computer Rooms

DFL specialise in the creation of white spaces based on the principle of the modular envelope for computer room spaces within existing buildings or as stand-alone external structures. Based on the use of cold room construction methods in the food industry, DFL have developed, in conjunction with specialist manufacturers, the use of modular rooms using insulated and fire rated panels that are simple and easy to build.

Even in the most demanding locations the concept of building a clean white space using pre-manufactured and custom cut panels has proven to be a successful product for our clients. Using a modular construction allows the creation of a secure, clean and usable IT space within weeks. This principle also means that even the most demanding and derelict spaces can be transformed into high quality rooms ready to accept and protect high value computing and telecom assets. It is also the case that some clients, wishing to keep their facilities both subtle and low profile, use this build type to play down the value of the space to the outside world. The use of modular insulated construction also lends itself to export and the installation of facilities in difficult or hostile environments where clean space is required in extreme hot or cold climates in remote locations. DFL have undertaken such works and offer this service to our clients outside the UK.

The benefits of modular construction include, square, neat spaces that are built in short time frames with minimal dust and disruption. Modular rooms are energy efficient with high density insulation to reduce costs of cooling the installation.

The rooms are available in a variety of colours and able to meet high specification security requirements to BS476 Pt 22 and EN1364/EN1634 – 90-minute insulation and 90-minute integrity. Applies to all panels and doors tested mounted in the panels and security standard: LPS1175 SR1/2 (standard panels) with 1 wall and ceilings to SR3. External door to LPS1175 SR5.