Fire Engineering

Direction Fire Limited hold LPS1014 and BAFE SP203 third party accreditations. The company has been designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining fire alarm systems in many locations around the UK, covering basic standalone systems to large multi-panel networked systems with detailed cause and effect. This experience and knowledge has allowed us to design complex integrated systems that integrate motorised fire dampers, sprinkler monitoring, pre-action sprinkler control, smoke extract control and voice alarm systems to mention a few, providing one system for client or fire brigade to use.

The company has always specialised in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of gas suppression systems. We are supported and approved by most of the gas manufacturers and agents and are able to deliver the full range of FM200, Inergen, Argonite, Novec and foam systems. These are available for simple applications or in their more complex form of being dual redundant or single systems with area diverting valves.

Integral to our fire engineering service are the supporting works required to test pressure integrity in protected spaces as well as provide ventilation systems for both extract, air-make up, pressure relief venting, fire damper control and fresh air systems. We offer full integration with building systems including plant shut-downs, lift control and testing.

We use various manufactures of open protocol systems including, but not restricted too, Advanced, Kentec Electronics and Ziton for the control panels and Apollo Fire Detectors, EMS Wireless, Hochiki Europe and Ziton for the detectors. All these companies are well established within the industry and have been leading the development of fire detection over the years.