The company specialises in difficult projects built from scratch in direct engagement with the end-user. DFL provides resources to work directly with clients to develop a project where little information exists and the work requires fast-track input on both feasibility and cost. We will consider the project, frame ideas and specialise in setting-out a proposal.

Much of our work involves difficult remediation or remodelling. We offer fast-track design and costing to produce a working project within short time frames. We are happy to work outside of the traditional engineering format where clients are looking to solve immediate issues of space, power issues and cooling deficits.

All of our designs are based on compliance to our reference to TIA STANDARD Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers TIA-942, TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers Inc. (ASHRAE) as well as the many supporting standards produced by ASHRAE, The Uptime Institute and manufacturers.


Our suppliers work in collaboration with us to validate designs and offer solutions to difficult spatial arrangements. We have built up a range of relationships that allow us to draw upon just about any product available in both the UK and European markets. We are able to work with cooling plant suppliers to gain access to detailed and up to date technical data and draw upon the resources of some of the best electrical manufacturing the UK has to offer. Our work in being able to get to the technical heart of a project within a short time-frame has become a strong focus within the company.


Working from site developed constraints we will produce test-fit diagrams and visualisations from detailed site survey and dimension gathering. Many of our projects start from scratch with no record drawings or service detail to work from. We will turn a client idea into reality . We have compiled extensive drawing libraries and are able to draw on these to lay out accurate arrangements and facilitate decision making based on detail rather than speculation. We often work on the basis of doing the design development and then absorbing the cost into a contract or build instruction should the work proceed.