DFL Maintenance Services For Technical Support, Fire Systems & IT Spaces Infrastructure

Technical Support

DFL provide a full range of technical support to our clients for both new builds, work that we have completed and existing situations. We have tailored agreements made to fit a wide-ranging set of client needs and business priorities. Our contracts are all built to the exact requirements of our clients which often involve dedicated engineering resources and reactive response. We offer the following range of services:

  • Annual F Gas appraisal and report back
  • Plant Replacement
  • Quality and risk assessment reports
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Visual inspection and testing of the system and its environment
  • A detailed report on the system’s condition, highlighting any current or potential problems.
  • Compliance testing and operational standards.
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Service management
  • Operational Management
  • Key Performance Indicator management

Fire Systems

  • Routine visits to suit customer requirements
  • Scheduled annual room integrity testing
  • 24/7 Reactive service and call-out
  • Full repair and reinstatement service
  • Maintenance of all types of fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Voice alarm system testing and maintenance
  • Maintenance of emergency voice communication systems
  • Testing and maintenance of refuge systems
  • Maintenance and integrity testing of all types of gaseous and foam fixed fire fighting systems
  • Testing and maintenance of dry and wet riser systems
  • Testing and maintaining fire damper status systems
  • Sprinkler indication panel testing and maintenance
  • Nurse and warden call system maintenance
  • Toilet alarm system testing and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring


DFL will physically manage and monitor with our clients all critical infrastructure that support a dedicated technical space at a fundamental level to ensure the continued performance and ability is maintained.  This service will give us the foresight  to alert our clients of any potential performance or capacity shortfall; which is absolutely essential for the avoidance of high cost downtime and possible damage to its reputation