Direction Fire Limited have been a Ziton agent since 1991. We have seen the ZP panel and device range establish itself over the years, from the ZP5, to the ZP3 and the current ZP2. We are able to offer support for the ZP5 however, ZP5 components are no longer available. When Direction Fire Limited was established, Ziton were an independent company, Ziton were taken over by GE and are now part of the UTC, who’s other product brands include Kidde, Edwards, AirSense, EMS and many more established brands.

DFL are an experienced Ziton ZP3 company having designed, installed and commissioned many standalone and network Systems. We maintain standalone and network ZP3 Systems and have trained field engineers who are backed up with our Technical Support Team.

The Ziton ZP3 Control Equipment is currently in maintenance mode, this means that the panel and the ZP3 panel accessories are still available. However, ZP3 products will not be developed unless there is a Life Safety Issue that requires the product to be updated.

The ZP3 system offers tailor made engineered solutions for all applications, from single panel systems to large multi panel networks. Modular design backed by powerful software enables ZP3 systems to be configured exactly to the needs of any commercial or industrial site.

Up to 127-line devices (sensors, call points, sounders or interface units) can be connected to each of the control panel loops. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address.

Software flexibility enables facilities such as alarm organisation, evacuation procedures and complex cause and effect requirements to be easily programmed into any system.

All customer and site data is held in non-volatile flash memory, ensuring both ease of initial system data input and subsequent on site amendments and modifications should they occur. The ZP3 panel can control fire and non-fire functions, loop powered sounders, remote control and remote display panels, with up to 128 zones with 768 programmable inputs and outputs per panel, all covered by comprehensive programming facilities.